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Norwegian Woods: A First Drive of the 2016 Bentley GT Speed and GT V8 S

2016 Bentley Continental GT V8 S
-They came seemingly out of nowhere. Nearly 3000 feet above sea level and hours from the nearest city of consequence, a group of approximately four-dozen camera-wielding tourists of random nationalities spun on their heels and began to snap pictures of, well, us. The fact that we arrived at this Norwegian mountaintop overlook in a fleet of candy-hued 2016 Bentley Continental GT coupes may have contributed to their elation. Although we in the press are known for our handsome profiles and chiseled physiques, it’s hard to compete with the international language of horsepower, not to mention flawless paintwork and Bentley’s stately Big B logo. While the attention was not entirely unexpected, that the tourists so hastily turned their backs on a glorious display of Mother Nature’s finest glacial carvings for a photo op with a car speaks volumes. Nobody was jockeying for prime photo real estate around the Ford Kuga parked next to us. READ MORE ››

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