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My Tank: Driving the Sherman M-4A3 [C/D Archives]

My Tank
-General William Tecumseh Sherman is disparagingly remembered in Atlanta as the inventor of hot urban renewal. Fortunately, the rest of the country holds the warrior who made my surname famous in somewhat higher regard. Many historians consider him to be the greatest of the Civil War generals and quite deserving of the honor of having an important army tank carry his name. I’ve always wondered what manner of warmonger was clanking around with our moniker. My short and undistinguished military career during the Vietnam conflict (C/D, November 1971) did give me the opportunity to try out an M-113 armored personnel carrier. Once, as C/D’s technical editor, I had a ride in a brand-new Chrysler-built M-1 turbine tank. But until recently, the M-4 General Sherman medium tank and I had never crossed paths. READ MORE ››

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