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Getting Groovy and into the Groove: The Car and Driver Covers of the 1960s

The 1960s brought massive change to C/D, just as they did to America. We broadened our scope from the racing and sports-car scenes that dominated the 15 years after World War II to include more mass-market vehicles—hence the name change in April 1961 from Sports Cars Illustrated to Car and Driver—while our copy became increasingly provocative as the decade progressed. The cover designs followed suit; enjoy this look at Car and Driver in the indelible and tumultuous '60s.Car and Driver January 1960 Cover - Bocar XP-6Car and Driver (Sports Cars Illustrated) February 1960 Cover - European CarsCar and Driver (Sports Cars Illustrated) March 1960 Cover - Formula Junior Race CarsCar and Driver (Sports Cars Illustrated) April 1960 Cover - Porsche Race CarMay 1960June 1960July 1960August 1960September 1960October 1960November 1960December 1960January 1961February 1961March 1961April 1961May 1961June 1961July 1961August 1961September 1961October 1961November 1961December 1961January 1962February 1962March 1962April 1962May 1962June 1962July 1962August 1962September 1962October 1962November 1962December 1962January 1963February 1963March 1963April 1963May 1963June 1963July 1963August 1963September 1963October 1963November 1963December 1963January 1964February 1964March 1964April 1964May 1964June 1964July 1964August 1964September 1964October 1964November 1964December 1964January 1965February 1965March 1965April 1965May 1965June 1965July 1965August 1965September 1965October 1965November 1965December 1965January 1966February 1966March 1966April 1966May 1966June 1966July 1966August 1966September 1966October 1966November 1966December 1966January 1967February 1967March 1967April 1967May 1967June 1967July 1967August 1967September 1967October 1967November 1967December 1967January 1968February 1968March 1968April 1968May 1968June 1968July 1968August 1968September 1968October 1968November 1968December 1968January 1969February 1969March 1969April 1969May 1969June 1969July 1969August 1969September 1969October 1969November 1969December 1969

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